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RWS Group is the world’s leading provider of high-quality translation, intellectual property and language support services.

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Language Services Overview

In addition to patent translations, RWS Group provides a comprehensive range of services including interpreting and language support services that meet the needs of a variety of exacting sectors.

Accurate and professional translations of any document or language combinations, combined with robust checking procedures and project management ensures work is delivered on time and on budget.

  • 265 in-house qualified
    subject-specialist translators
    and revisers

  • 4,000 in-country translators
    for localized translations

  • Over 200 languages using mother tongue translators

  • Certified to ISO 9001
    and EN 15038

  • All major document types
    and file formats

  • Specialist division
    for life sciences

  • A full range of interpreting
    services using a trained
    team of professionals
    who interpret in over
    150 languages

  • rws group

    Regulatory compliant
    translations; medically and
    scientifically qualified

IP Information Services

RWS Group’s international search services and world leading patent database


A one-stop search and IP information service for gathering and analyzing patent, design and non-patent literature. In-house search experts who between them cover all technologies review major classification systems and key words to fit your requirements for easy and efficient analysis. Types of search include Worldwide Scan, Novelty, Validity, Infringement, Landscape.

Absolute confidentiality and adherence to stringent search protocols meet ISO 9001 quality certification standards.


A powerful international patent database developed by RWS Group in collaboration with Minesoft covering over 45 million patent families. A robust platform from which to search, review, analyze and share business-critical patent information and emerging trends.

  • Primary search tool for over 25,000 IP professionals
  • Unlimited use annual subscription ensures no hidden costs
  • Search results are straightforward, with clear, logical, customizable displays
  • Designed for collaboration and disseminating the latest competitive intelligence

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