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No. Although we do have a number of qualified patent attorneys and intellectual property professionals on our team, we are not a law firm. We offer applicants and attorneys a foreign filing platform and can answer questions on the PCT process, but we cannot offer specific legal advice.
Our patented technology enables us to streamline and automate many aspects of entering the PCT national stage. Because it takes us less time than any other firm to process your application, we can pass the savings associated with reduced labor costs on to you!

We also handle the national stage entry of more PCT applications than virtually any other firm in the world, which gives us bulk-buying power. We have used this power to negotiate excellent rates with our foreign agents, and we pass those savings on to you.

See for yourself — log in and run a quote for your next case. gives clients the flexibility to use a combination of inovia’s world-class agents and their own. If you want to use your own agents, simply tell us their details in the profile section. We’ll gather their fee schedules so that you can select them in future quotes.
In order to file through your own agents, you must first register for an account. Once you’ve logged in, navigate to the profile section and click on the “My PCT agents” tab. Use the “Add agent” button to tell us the details of your foreign associate(s).

Once we receive these details, we will contact your agent(s) directly. Your agents will receive a Welcome Pack from us, telling them exactly what they need to do to get set up to receive work through
Working with inovia for PCT national stage entry does not replace the need for a local attorney. In fact, 50% of our clients are law firms who have chosen to use us on behalf of their clients.

If you file with us, you may choose to instruct us directly or have your local attorney instruct us on your behalf. Either you or your attorney can generate instant cost estimates or place orders using our simple online tool. Your local attorney can still help you with the foreign prosecution. You just need to let us know to copy them after the filing.
We understand that many attorneys rely on incoming work from their foreign associates as an important part of their business. Most attorneys find that they receive work from two or three major countries in which they file patents, but not from others. In order to retain these important links, offers attorneys the flexibility to use a combination of inovia’s agents and their own.

Call us to talk about how our flexible approach can benefit both you and your client.
Both. Our client base is made up of law firms and company, university and individual applicants.

Clients who regularly file with inovia may also apply to access our wholesale prices through our Frequent Filer program. Call us to find out how partnering with inovia can benefit you.
We are a global company run by patent attorneys, and our agent network is comprised of qualified and experienced patent attorneys. The combination of our expertise, technology and agent network make inovia’s services as safe as those of any other patent attorney firm.

We are also more than happy to provide you with references from our current clients, so please contact us for more information.
A quote for PCT national stage entry or European validation contains the following information, itemized by country:
  • Service fee – this includes both inovia’s fee and the fee for our agent’s work. This rate is fixed and does not change based on the details of your specification.
  • Official fee – i.e. the government fee. This is calculated using the details of your specification.
  • Translation fee – this is the fee for translation into the official language if it is not English. Please note: if you have two or more countries included in your quote that can share a translation (e.g. Chile and Mexico), “see below” will be listed in the translation column. Simply look to the bottom of the quote for the fee for preparing one translation that can be shared between countries.

The quote also includes:

  • The fees for excess pages and claims, where required.
  • Amending of claims to remove multiple dependencies for filing in the US.
  • Also for the US, the cost to prepare and file an Information Disclosure Statement.

Please note: while our quotes are typically very accurate, there are a few things that the quote may not include (but the invoice will):

  • Sequence listings. If your specification includes sequence listings, extra government and translation fees may apply. These will be shown in your invoice.
  • Late fees. If you instruct us too close to a due date and there is not sufficient time to lodge an original document, such as a Power of Attorney form, a late fee may apply. The amount varies per country, but it is typically $100-150.
  • Multiple priority claims. The quote assumes one priority claim, so if you have additional priority claims, you may see a difference between the quoted and invoiced official fees in some countries.
  • Independent claims. If your specification has over 3 independent claims, the official fees may be higher than quoted in some countries.
  • ARIPO designations. Our quote tool assumes 10 designated states when ARIPO is selected. The official fee on your invoice will reflect the actual number of designated states.
  • EPO extension states. The quote for Europe includes the member states, but not the extension states. If you want to include the extension states, the cost will be included on your invoice.
If you have any questions about your quote, please contact us.
We will invoice you upfront for the final amount you will pay for PCT national stage entry, direct filing and European validation.
There are no hidden fees or surprise charges such as postage, photocopying or stationary charges.

If you use a non-inovia agent we will add a small administrative fee per country to cover the cost of preparing the Power of Attorney, instructing your agent and tracking the case until it has been filed.

Please note, our pricing does not include:

  • Late and urgency fees. If you instruct us too close to a due date, various late and urgency fees may be included in your invoices, such as a late filing fee, late translation fee, and an urgency fee.
  • Post-filing costs. There are costs such as those associated with the prosecution or grant of the application in each country.
  • Late filing of forms fees. If you instruct us too close to a due date and there is not sufficient time to lodge an original document, such as a Power of Attorney form, a late fee may apply. The amount varies per country, but it is typically $100-150. These fees are invoiced to you directly by the agents.
After receiving your order, we will give you invoices for your selected countries with precise totals of all costs in your local currency. Because of the high levels of government, foreign attorney and translation fees that we need to incur on your behalf, we require payment in advance before instructing our agents to file your case. This reduced credit risk and better cash flow contribute to our ability to offer you such competitive pricing.

You can pay us either by wire, credit card or check. Please note that credit card payments incur an additional bank fee of 4%. You should also note that some banks levy fees on transfers to overseas accounts. When wiring funds, please ensure that any fees levied by your bank (or any intermediate entity) are covered by your account to avoid additional inovia invoices.
Once you instruct us to enter the national stage via our order tool, we will send you a confirmation email containing a package of forms. The email will explain in detail what to do with the forms, but essentially there are 3 steps:

  1. Print and sign each form.
  2. Optional – if you’d like us to check the signed forms, you can email them to us at
  3. Mail the actual paper copies of the signed forms directly to our agents.

If you plan to file several applications with us in the future, we can arrange a general Power of Attorney form for each country. Once this form has been submitted, you will not need to sign Power of Attorney forms for future cases. Please contact us to learn more about this time-saving option.

When it comes to patent translations, we know that quality is paramount. We recognize that good translations cannot be automated, and although we have managed to negotiate good translation rates, the cost is not as important as the quality.

For this reason, we carefully select our translators ensuring that all translations are done by a native speaker of the target language who is also skilled in the relevant technical field. Read more about our separate patent translation offering.
Yes, and your quote will reflect this. For example, if you run a quote for PCT National Stage Entry and include both Chile and Mexico, you will see a shared translation fee between the two countries for the Spanish translation.

Please note: Countries sharing translations can have different translation filing deadlines, so make sure to place your order in advance of the earliest deadline. If you have questions about your quote or deadlines, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Every country is different, but the short answer is yes.

Claim amendments you may wish to make in Europe and the US are included in our standard fees. We also allow claim amendments in most non-English speaking countries, but charge a fee to translate the amendments. Charges may also apply for making amendments at the PCT national stage in other countries. Often, it is better to wait until prosecution to make amendments.

If you are considering making any amendments at national stage entry, please contact us for more information.
Once the PCT national stage is complete, the foreign associates instructed through (ours, yours or a combination) carry out the prosecution in their respective countries. All of our agents have been carefully selected according to their patent expertise and inovia’s client service standards. Of course, you or your local attorney continue to direct those associates in managing the foreign prosecution.
Because we handle the administrative steps of PCT national stage entry and not the substantive assessment of your patent application, the issues of potential conflicts do not arise merely as a result of entering the national stage. Our agents will always submit your filing to meet the deadline upon receipt of our instructions. If a post-filing check reveals a conflict of interest, our agents will let you and us know and we will work together to find a new agent and transfer the case at no cost from inovia or inovia’s agent.

Read our terms and conditions or call us for more information on the matter.