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inovia has joined forces with the RWS Group to create the world’s leading IP specialist firm. In addition to offering the world’s most robust foreign filing platform, inovia and RWS also boast the largest patent translation company in the world, translating more than 65,000 patents and IP-related documents each year. Our alliance with RWS ensures that our clients receive the highest quality and most cost-effective patent translations.

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Cutting Costs


We cover 130+ countries and translate into all languages relevant to patent prosecution.

Our “one stop shop” approach makes preparing translations more efficient. If you use us for both filing and translations, you’ll receive just one invoice per application for the filing and translation work. We’ll get the completed translations to the foreign associates (either yours or ours) by the deadline.

We can also prepare translations required at other stages of the filing process, such as office actions or preliminary amendments. Please contact us for more information.


High quality patent translations are of paramount importance, as they determine the scope of patent protection obtained. For this reason, we only offer a “premium” translation service, but our combination of buying power and technology allows us to charge less-than-premium prices.

RWS’s ISO 9001 certified quality management process is one of Total Quality Management, with rigorous independent checking procedures integrated into the company’s production processes.

Our staff of 265 translators and revisers includes graduate and doctoral chemists, physicists, and mechanical, electrical and electronics engineers with many years of industrial experience. This in-house team is backed by a network of 4,000 equally qualified associate translators and patent attorney firms. All of our translations are reviewed by graduate linguist revisers with respect to completeness, accuracy of terminology and content, spelling and grammar, suitability of linguistic expression and compliance with national filing requirements. Once completed, your patent translations are ready to file.

Translation memory technology

We harness the power of translation memory tools which store previously translated text in reusable segments (“translation units”). Segments of text previously translated in earlier documents are automatically located and reused when they appear in later documents.

The key benefits of translation memory technology to our clients are:

  • reduced translation costs
  • increased consistency within and between applications
  • improved delivery times
Cutting Costs

Translation memory tools bring optimal benefits when deployed in technologies where repeat text is a common feature (for example, chemistry and pharmaceuticals). We will advise when translation memory technology is suitable and make no additional charge for its use. All memories are client-specific and never shared.

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