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RWS inovia’s Information Division was founded in 1958 and offers a wide range of high quality IP searches with powerful solutions to assist strategic decision making across the patent lifecycle.
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Why use RWS inovia for patent searches?

Our in-house search team boast 200+ years aggregate experience with a comprehensive network of in-country associates to serve clients across the globe. Our Search team will help you make strategic calls with confidence. Our offices are worldwide, with headquarters in the United Kingdom and a fast growing Chinese search group.

Quality & Experience

RWS inovia offers search and IP information services for gathering and analyzing patent, design and non-patent literature. Our team of in-house search experts cover all technologies and every member has at least a first engineering or science degree.

Quality & Experience
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Cutting Costs

Confidentiality & Transparency

We adhere to stringent search protocols which meet ISO 9001 quality certification standards and are happy to work with you to develop the best possible search strategy for your needs.

Integration with PatBase

Developed in conjunction with Minesoft, this robust international patent database has over 30,000 users and covers over 47 million patent families, with historical information dating back to the early 1900s.

Cutting Costs

Patent search overview

We offer a complete suite of search and watch services to match your needs. Most of our searches are complete within the 5-20 day range, depending on the type of search and the scope. We are happy to work with you with urgent requests.

Search Search The highest quality patent, non-patent and design search assignments, by subject matter, applicant/inventor name or a combination of both.
Watch Watch Alerts and monitoring services which report on competitor activity, technology developments or the progress/status of a specific patent.
Documentation Documentation This department obtains legal status information, filewrappers, copies of technical papers, articles and patents.

Every member of the RWS inovia search team has at least a first engineering or science degree, and many have postgraduate qualifications. All read English, French and German and are trained extensively in the art of information science. Familiarity with library systems, patent classifications and systems, database searching and the structure of patent documents is essential to our work. If required, our technical and in-house teams are assisted by other RWS inovia offices and associates around the world.

Our PatBase team includes programmers, developers and data specialists and benefits from the expertise of the RWS inovia search division. PatBase is the only commercial database to be designed by professional searchers, for professional searchers.

Cutting Costs

Search services

Search service
A concise “first-look” to identify prior art relevant to the key concepts of a proposed invention. Worldwide coverage, across all PatBase records.
A search to identify prior art that is material to the patentability/novelty of an invention.
A search to test the strength and scope of an invention forming the subject of a patent claim or claims set. Worldwide coverage, across all PatBase records.
A search to identify cases relevant to the manufacture, sale or use of a specific product or process. A tiered pricing structure provides a range of options from the focused through to the comprehensive. Standard coverage is 20/25 years although this can be extended if required.
State-of-the-art/Landscape Search
Identifies new markets, benchmark competitors. Overview of patenting activity to highlight filing trends and other key metrics. Analysis conducted via PatBase Analytics and other visualization tools.
Industrial Designs
Search to establish the novelty, validity or right-to-use of a specific design or to examine the state-of-the-art of a more general concept.
Patent Watch
Alerts to keep up to date in your chosen field by tracking technology developments, competitor activity or patent progress/status.
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