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When it comes to patent translations, we know that quality is paramount. We have been doing translations for over 9 years and are now the largest specialist patent translation company in the U.S. (having translated more than 33 million words into over 42 languages in 2010, as part of our foreign filing work). The translators we work with have been selected based on their technical expertise, meticulous translation ability and outstanding client service.
The price quoted for your translation covers both the preparation and review of the translation.
Currently, we can translate patent applications from English, French, German, Italian and Spanish into all of the languages needed in the 120+ countries we cover.
It depends on the language, but generally we can comfortably translate 700 words per day from English into the destination language. We may be able to translate at a faster rate, depending on the language and the complexity of the document being translated, so please contact us to find out how much time we would need for your specific order.
We have been doing translations for 9 years and are now the largest, specialist patent translation company in the U.S. In 2010 alone, we translated over 33 million words into over 42 languages across our product suite!
We have an up-front payment policy because we incur substantial disbursements on your behalf when we prepare a translation for you. This reduced credit risk and increased cash flow also help us offer such competitive pricing. For this reason, we need to receive your funds in advance before we instruct our agents to translate your case. Patent attorneys find they can accurately predict translation costs so they can charge their clients in advance and reduce their own credit risk and charges.
After receiving your order, we will send you invoices for your selected languages giving you the precise totals of all costs in US dollars. You can then pay us either by wire, credit card or check. Please note that credit card payments incur an additional fee of 4%. You should also note that some banks levy fees on transfers to overseas accounts. When wiring funds, please ensure that any fees levied by your bank (or any intermediate entity) are covered by your account to avoid further inovia invoices.
No. Although a number of qualified patent attorneys and IP professionals are part of the inovia team, we are not a law firm. We offer foreign filing and translation services to patent owners and attorney firms. We are happy to answer questions about patent translations, but we do not offer legal advice.