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If you have a granted European patent, you need to validate the patent in each European country where you seek patent protection. With, you can validate your patent in up to 40 countries with just one instruction. As a result, you’ll save both time and money.
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Why use for European validation?

Increased productivity allows you to run instant quotes and file into multiple countries with a single instruction.
Save your (or your client’s) money Cut costs by 20-50% when filing through the inovia agent network. We provide upfront, fixed and transparent pricing to make the budgeting process easier.
Experience inovia quality Our foreign associate network is made up of world-class agents and meticulous translators.
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Where inovia fits in the process

EP Process

European validation overview

Once a notice of intention to grant (also referred to as a 71(3) notice) has been issued from the European Patent Office (EPO), a translation of the granted claims must be lodged and the required fees paid to the EPO. You should complete this step however you presently manage it. Typically, if you’re the applicant you’ll get your current European representative to do this.

Once these steps are complete, the European patent is granted. You can then use to validate the patent in each of your chosen European countries.

Read more about the European patent validation process in our resources section.

How European validation with inovia works

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Receive itemized invoices and pre-completed forms for applicants and inventors to sign.
Icon Number Three Sign and date your Powers of Attorney We review them to ensure they are correct before you send the originals.
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It’s really that simple.

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