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inovia is the largest foreign filing provider in the world. Our global instruction platform, inovia.com, helps our clients save both time and money on their foreign filing work. Currently, we offer solutions for:

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Create an inovia.com account for access to the industry’s most powerful foreign filing platform.

Get a 1-click quote With your patent number and just one click, inovia.com will generate an accurate and detailed cost estimate for your upcoming case.  After reviewing your quote, simply click to place an order.
Select agents Clients have the flexibility to use a combination of inovia’s agents and their own.  To use your own agents, simply tell us their contact details and we’ll gather the necessary information.
Modify claims Adjusting your quote is easy – simply click on a country to add or remove it.  You can also modify the claim number right in the quote screen.
Compare costs Your quote will itemize the service, government and translation costs per country.  Where you have selected your own agents, you can easily compare their fees to those of inovia’s agents.
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Registering for an inovia.com account is free and just takes a few minutes. Once registered, you will have access to our online estimation and ordering tools for PCT national stage entry, direct filing, European validation and patent translations.

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inovia.com provides additional tools, such as trademark search & registration.

Search over 7 million U.S. trademarks using our free tool. Our “knockout” search will return only the most relevant trademarks in the most relevant classes, so you can make sense of what’s out there.

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