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inovia's "U.S. 2011 Global Patent & IP Trends Indicator" Provides In-Depth Look at Foreign Filing Strategies of American Patent Owners

Survey Explores the "New IP Norm" – Smarter, Selective Filings on Reduced Budgets and Other Major Industry Trends

inovia, the leading foreign filing platform provider, today announced the general availability of its annual “U.S. 2011 Global Patent & IP Trends Indicator,” the industry’s most in-depth look into how the economy has impacted global IP strategy for 2010 and will affect foreign filing plans in 2011.

The Indicator found nearly 60 percent of all respondents are working on a reduced IP budget going into 2011 – continuing the trend of doing more with less in a slowly recovering economy. Respondents credited workflow changes (bringing steps in-house), vendor renegotiations (lower and/or flat rates) and other creative IP budget management techniques to reduce patent costs. For instance, while 45 percent of respondents filed more than half of their patents overseas last year, they became much more strategic about each application and selective with the countries they chose to file into and those they chose to drop. On average, they filed into 5.9 countries in 2010 as compared to 6.6 in 2009.

Other key findings from the Indicator include:

“This year’s Indicator has found that U.S. patent owners are working in a much more selective, sophisticated way – what many of them call ‘the new IP norm,'” said Justin Simpson, Founder and Patent Attorney, inovia. “Doing more with less has been a mantra that every industry has had to live by these past several years. What is unique about U.S. patentees is the creativity and optimism in which they have faced these challenges and carried through to ensure that innovation thrives.”

Between December 2010 and January 2011, inovia surveyed nearly 150 companies both quantitatively with an online survey and qualitatively with follow-up interviews among a select group of respondents. The companies spanned industries and ranged from small enterprises with a single patent family to multinational organizations with more than 1,000 patent families.

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