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inovia Announces the Findings of its Annual U.S. Global Patent & IP Trends Indicator

The 2014 U.S. Global Patent & IP Trends Indicator Report from inovia finds applicants are taking more control of their foreign patent filing, demonstrating that IP outsourcing is now commonplace.

inovia the leading foreign filing provider, today announced the release of its annual report, “The 2014 U.S. Global Patent & IP Trends Indicator,” an in-depth look at how the economy has impacted global IP strategy and its influence on future foreign filing plans. Now in its fifth year, the Indicator has become a definitive resource for identifying the trends having the greatest impact on the foreign filing strategies of U.S. patentees.

Similar to findings in past years, foreign filing is on the rise, as organizations continue to outsource their foreign patent filing needs to non-law firm providers as a means to cut cost and gain efficiencies. On track with last year, more than half of those surveyed filed at least 50% of their patent applications overseas, and 80% of respondents said they filed as many patent applications as expected (only 14.4% filed less than expected).

Continuing with last year’s report, important topics and areas of concern for the IP industry in the 2014 report included patent reform, specifically provisions of the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act. Respondents needed to figure out how to best navigate these changes in regards to filing practices. Other key issues for this year’s report and moving forward are patent troll litigation or non-practicing entities.

Other key findings from the Indicator include:

“We are pleased and excited to share the results of this year’s 2014 IP Trends Indicator,” Justin Simpson, Founder of inovia, recently remarked. “Since we started publishing this report over 5 years ago, much has changed in the way of outsourcing IP and foreign filing services. For the first time in years, IP budgets are increasing and the outlook for the future appears optimistic.”

inovia surveyed companies and universities through an online questionnaire. Organizations spanned industries and ranged from small enterprises filing a single patent family to multinational organizations filing more than 100 patent families in 2013. All survey participants are involved in the IP strategy and patent filing activity of their organization, with job functions ranging from patent manager, to general counsel and up to executive leadership positions. To download a copy of inovia’s 2014 U.S. Global Patent & IP Trends Indicator, visit –

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