Saba & Co.

Established: 1937 Number of professional staff: 265+

inovia PCT agent in Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia and United Arab Emirates

inovia Direct (Paris Convention) agent in Egypt, Gulf Cooperation Council, Jordan and Lebanon

Saba is the longest-established and most renowned intellectual property firm in the Arab world. The firm is active in all areas of prosecution, registration, and enforcement of intellectual property rights and provides the full range of related legal services.

Saba's mission is to help clients achieve the maximum benefit from their intellectual property rights. For years, Saba has been a leader among regional firms in the strength and depth of its commitment to understand and serve its clients. The experience, knowledge, and resources of Saba provide what is needed for the firm to offer first rate intellectual property services.

Saba operates through an extensive network of branch and representative offices across West Asia, North Africa and their neighboring regions. Saba & Co. is the only IP firm in the Middle East and North Africa region that is a partnership, therefore the firm's strength is continuity which has been demonstrated over the last 75 years.


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