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Jacobacci & Partners

Established: 1872 Number of professional staff: 65+

inovia European validation agent in Italy

Jacobacci & Partners was founded in 1872 in Turin, Italy, the location of the first Italian Patent office following the unification of Italy in 1861. Today, Jacobacci & Partners has 11 offices in 4 countries: Italy, Spain, France and Switzerland.

Named Best Pan-European IP Firm of 2013 during the International Legal Alliance Summit & Awards in New York, and ranked in the first tier among European patent and trademark prosecution firms since 2007, J&P operates globally with a full range of high-quality services for the protection of intellectual property rights for clients ranging from private individuals to multinational corporations.

J&P manages thousands of patents and trademarks for national and foreign clients of all sizes, in every sector, geographical area and production type, and has extensive experience in drafting and prosecuting IP rights, as well as in national and international IP litigation. J&P's extraordinarily varied portfolio and experience demonstrates that we have the capability to handle virtually any IP matter with unquestioned skill.

J&P offices are in: Turin, Milan, Rome, Madrid, Alicante, Paris, Lugano, Brescia, Padua, Bergamo and Grand Lyon.


    Electrical Engineering
    Fashion and Luxury
    IT Technologies
    Life Sciences
    Mechanical Engineering
    Medical Devices
    Pharmaceutical Chemistry
    Physical Sciences

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Mail/Courier to:
Corso Emilia, 8
10152 Torino

Fiammenghi – Fiammenghi

Established: 1937 Number of professional staff: 35+

inovia European validation agent in Italy, San Marino and Switzerland/Liechtenstein

Fiammenghi – Fiammenghi was established in 1937 and has been run by Avv. Carlo Fiammenghi since 1966. Fiammenghi is well-known for its services in preparing and translating biological patent applications and dealing with litigation, counterfeit cases and license agreements. They have three offices: one in Rome, a branch in Naples and the third in Lugano, Switzerland. The firm is experienced in a variety of patent areas and has a particularly span class="add-bold" specialism in pharmaceutical and biological patents.


    Chemical Science
    Information Technology

Contact Information

Mail/Courier to:
Via delle Quattro Fontane 31
00184 Roma