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WIPO’s July & August PCT Newsletter Recap

Posted by Liz Curtin

Monday, Jul 28, 2014 @ 12:00 PM

 We’ve compiled a shortlist of highlights from WIPO’s PCT newsletter, an excellent resource for IP professionals and patent applicants looking to stay on top of changes to the PCT system. Please see below for a recap of the July – August 2014 edition: 

PCT Statistics 2013: The PCT Yearly Review was released, summarizing PCT activities and developments from 2013.  This publication contains filings by top countries of origin, by top applicants and by technical field. The 2014 edition also included a special theme relating to how universities and public research organizations use the PCT system.  Download the entire PDF version here.

Power of Attorney Waiver Notification under PCT Rules 90.4(d) and 90.5(c) (France):  The National Institute of Industrial Property (France), in its capacity as receiving Office, has informed the International Bureau that it waives the requirements under PCT Rules 90.4(b) and 90.5(a)(ii) to submit either a separate power of attorney or a copy of a general power of attorney, with effect from June 2, 2014. 

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Foreign Filing Roundup

Posted by Liz Curtin

Friday, Jul 25, 2014 @ 11:11 AM

Good morning, readers.  We hope everyone is staying cool as we head into the dog days of summer.  I’ve gathered some patent news for your consideration from the week of July 21, 2014: 

  • Trademark “squatting” is prevalent in China, preventing valuable foreign brands to use their own name in the country. 
  • Are all software patents doomed? The first application of the Supreme Court’s Alice Corp. decision foretells trouble in the future. 
  • Batman celebrated his 75th birthday this year. A registered trademark was filed on June 25, 1940. You can see a picture of the original trademark below!


  • The EPO and Spain continued their cooperation on Latin America, as they met in Spain to sign an agreement to promote the quality and efficiency of the Latin American patent system. 

Please follow us on Twitter @inoviaIP for all IP related updates.  We’ll see you back here next week! 

We’ve Launched our Annual U.S. Global Patent & IP Trends Indicator!

Posted by Liz Curtin

Tuesday, Jul 22, 2014 @ 03:06 PM

We have recently released our fifth annual U.S. Global Patent & IP Trends Indicator Report. To download a complete copy of the Indicator, please click here. This has become a definitive resource in the industry for identifying the trends having the greatest impact on the foreign filing strategies of U.S. patentees.

Please read on for key trends and findings from this year’s report:

  • Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) use has remained steady – Almost all (96%) of respondents used the PCT for some or all of their filings in 2013.
  • IP budgets are increasing – Only 33% of respondents are working on a reduced IP budget this year, compared to nearly two-thirds of respondents from three years ago.
  • Outsourcing on the rise – More companies outsourced their foreign patent filing needs in 2013 compared to last year (nearly 10% in 2012 and growing to over 15% in 2013).

“We are pleased and excited to share the results of this year’s 2014 IP Trends Indicator,” Justin Simpson, Founder of inovia, recently remarked. “Since we started publishing this report over five yeras ago, much has changed in the way of outsourcing IP and foreign filing services. For the first time in years, IP budgets are increasing and the outlook for the future is positive.”

Check us out on Twitter @inoviaIP for more updates, and download the complete report today!!

Foreign Filing Roundup

Posted by Liz Curtin

Friday, Jul 18, 2014 @ 09:14 AM

Good morning! Please read on for the latest headlines in foreign filing news for the week of July 14th:

  • Patent trolls are suing like it’s going out of style! They now account for 67% of all lawsuits, extracting enormous payments from companies simply by claiming infringement.
  • The US Supreme Court rules that basic business methods are not patentable, even if computers are used to apply them.  
  • Tesla Motors is now fighting an entrepreneur who waited for the company to start selling their cars in China, and then sued for almost $4 million. 
  • The EPO President and Tunisian Minister for Industry have signed an agreement on the validation of European patents for Tunisia. 

Enjoy the weekend and follow us on Twitter @inoviaIP for more IP related upates! 

Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

Posted by Liz Curtin

Friday, Jul 11, 2014 @ 09:31 AM

It’s time for the roundup! I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July, let’s get right down to it. Check out the latest headlines in foreign patent filing for the week of July 7th:

  • The search for the next head of the US Patent and Trademark Office continues! The plan to name Phil Johnson, executive of Johnson & Johnson, caught severe backlash from the technology industry and proponents of patent reform.
  • 5 of 13 required states have ratified the Unified Patent Court, showing that it is more likely than not that Unitary Patents will become a reality in 2016. 
  • “One Company’s Trash is Another’s Treasure in Patent World”: This article shows how patent sales are on the rise. 
  • The popular world cup chant “I believe that we will win” might be trademarked by San Diego State. 

That’s all for this week. Follow us on Twitter @inoviaIP for more updates relating to intellectual property and foreign patent filing.

Five new Paris Convention countries added to the inovia agent network

Posted by Liz Curtin

Thursday, Jul 10, 2014 @ 03:28 PM

To keep up with our clients’ needs, we’ve added new countries and agents to our global network. Please read on for the summary of each country and details regarding agents and forms:

Country code: PA
Deadline: 12 months
Language: Spanish
Agent: Bufete Mejia & Asociados
Power of Attorney: Yes* (general and specific options)
Assignments: Yes**
Late filing: Translation can be filed late (due within 2 months of filing date, $165 late fee for agent)
Excess Claims Fee: No
Examination Request: Deferred
* Power of Attorney document and the included Notary Certificate need to be completed and then legalized by The Apostille or nearest Honduran Consulate. Must be filed within 2 months counted from the filing date.
** Assignment of Invention (one document per inventor) needs to be legalized by The Apostille or nearest Panamanian Consulate. Must be filed within 6 months counted from the filing date.

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Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

Posted by Liz Curtin

Friday, Jul 4, 2014 @ 09:15 AM

Hello, readers and Happy 4th of July.  Here are the IP updates for this past week:

  • The Obama administration is set to appoint a new USPTO director, Phil Johnson, a pharmaceutical industry executive.
  • Speaking of the USPTO, the permanent location for the USPTO Rocky Mountain Regional Office opened in Denver, Colorado. 
  • Judge Lucy Koh recently banned the use of certain pejorative terms in a patent suit, including the names “patent troll”, “pirate” and “bandit”. 
  • The Supreme Court recently dealt a huge blow to software patents, here is a good summary of the ruling

See you next week and have a fantastic holiday weekend!!!

Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

Posted by Liz Curtin

Friday, Jun 20, 2014 @ 09:38 AM

Good morning, readers.  Summer is in full swing here in New York City and we couldn’t be happier after the past winter. We invite you to take a look at the latest foreign filing headlines for the week of June 16th:

  • You should take those FIFA logos off of your Twitter profile now, as they are sending cease and desist letters to users throughout the World Cup. 
  • As most people have heard by now, the USPTO has rescinded the Washington Redskins trademark. This article looks at how much it would cost for the team to change their name. 
  • This quiz is tougher than you’d think: play “guess that invention” now to see if you can figure out the purpose of various 18th and 19th century patent models. 
  • Last week Tesla opened up its patent portfolio to an unprecedented “good faith” use by competitors. 

Please follow us on Twitter @inoviaIP for all relevant patent updates throughout the week.  We’ll see you back here next week for another roundup. 

Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

Posted by Liz Curtin

Friday, Jun 6, 2014 @ 11:06 AM

Hello, readers.  Let’s get right to it. Please read on for all foreign filing updates from the week of June 2nd:

  • This great read by the WSJ explores why patents are on the rise (some of the reasons aren’t what you would expect!).  
  • This is the first implementation of fee shifting rules mandated by the Supreme Court in regards to patent trolls. 
  • In country specific news, Denmark has voted yes on the Unified Patent Court (UPC). The agreement will set up a single and specialized EU patent jurisdiction. 
  • This survey indicates that companies are looking forward to the unitary European patent system. 
  • See you back here next week and have a great weekend!

inovia’s Upcoming June Events

Posted by Liz Curtin

Wednesday, Jun 4, 2014 @ 03:45 PM

Good afternoon!  We will be attending a number of events in the month of June (all over the world!). Please see below for the entire list, and feel free to contact us here if you will also be in attendance. 

LAIPLA – June 6-8 – Ojai, CA

This spring seminar is LAIPLA’s main event of the year and features discussions and presentations on the latest developments in intellectual property.  It’s the perfect event to network and meet other professionals in a beautiful area of the United States. 

MIP International Women’s Leadership Forum – June 6, 2014 – New York, NY

This one day forum will focus on changes to the American Invents Act (AIA), a more activist Supreme Court, as well as a number of patent troll bills affecting the industry.  This is a fantastic development opportunity for the next generation of women leaders and features leading general and IP counsel speakers. 

PraxisUnico Conference – June 12-13 – Cardiff, Wales

inovia will travel to Wales next week to exhibit at the annual PraxisUnico conference. The confirmed speakers include Ken Skates AM, Deputy Minister for Skills and Technology at the National Assembly for Wales and Professor Chris McGuigan, Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at the School of Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences. 

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