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NLO (Nederlandsch Octrooibureau)

Established: 1888 Number of professional staff: 150

inovia European validation agent in Belgium and Netherlands

NLO is one of the larger European firms providing specialist advice in the field of intellectual property in all its aspects for more than 120 years. NLO's goal is to enter into and maintain long term relationships with its clients by combining high quality expertise with an effective and client-focused approach. The firm invests in innovative and sustainable solutions and systems to service their clients worldwide.


    Electrical Engineering
    Food / Nutrition
    Mechanical Engineering
    Medical Technology
    Pharmacy / Medicines
    Semiconductor Topographies

Contact Information

Mail to:
P.O. Box 29720
2502 LS The Hague
The Netherlands

Courier to:
J.W. Frisolaan 13
2517 JS The Hague
The Netherlands


inovia agent for: Belgium, Netherlands.