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Meissner Bolte & Partner

Established: 1908 Number of professional staff: 63

inovia PCT agent in Europe

inovia Direct (Paris Convention) agent in Germany

As one of Germany's most prominent IP law firms, Meissner Bolte provides comprehensive legal services in all aspects of industrial property rights. With more than 45 patent attorneys and attorneys at law, Meissner Bolte is able to ensure that all domestic and foreign clients have the full range of IP services at their disposal. The firm provides clients with all of the legal advice necessary to guide them through the initial application process, the prosecution of their application and eventually to the enforcement of their legal rights.

Founded more than a century ago by Hans Meissner, Sr., Meissner Bolte has enjoyed continuous growth ever since, and now has 12 offices both in Germany as well as in other selected European countries.


    Chemical Science
    Information Technology
    Materials Technology

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