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Kilburn & Strode

Established: 1906 Number of professional staff: 50

inovia PCT agent in Europe and United Kingdom

inovia Direct (Paris Convention) agent in Europe and United Kingdom

inovia European validation agent in France, Germany, Monaco and United Kingdom

Rated one of the 'Top Ten' patent attorney firms in the UK, Kilburn & Strode's attorneys have extensive experience in acting for companies of all sizes and stages – from start-up, to publicly listed, to globally recognized.

The firm offers a complete range of patent, trademark and design services and recognizes that each client's requirements are different. Teams have been set up for different industry practice areas, but Kilburn & Strode's particular strength is their ability to work on cross-disciplinary inventions. The teams are Life Sciences, Chemistry, Engineering, IT, Electronics and Physics.


    Business Model
    Chemical Science
    Diagnostic Technology
    Gene Technology
    Information Technology
    Polymer Technology

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Mail/Courier to:
20 Red Lion Street
London WC1R 4PJ
United Kingdom

inovia agent for: Europe, France, Germany, Monaco, United Kingdom.