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Fiammenghi – Fiammenghi

Established: 1937 Number of professional staff: 35+

inovia European validation agent in Italy, San Marino and Switzerland/Liechtenstein

Fiammenghi – Fiammenghi was established in 1937 and has been run by Avv. Carlo Fiammenghi since 1966. Fiammenghi is well-known for its services in preparing and translating biological patent applications and dealing with litigation, counterfeit cases and license agreements. They have three offices: one in Rome, a branch in Naples and the third in Lugano, Switzerland. The firm is experienced in a variety of patent areas and has a particularly span class="add-bold" specialism in pharmaceutical and biological patents.


    Chemical Science
    Information Technology

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Mail/Courier to:
Via delle Quattro Fontane 31
00184 Roma

inovia agent for: Italy, San Marino, Switzerland/Liechtenstein.